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Our Approach

Arogya Mandir Yoga and Naturopathy Institute in Badlapur, believe that Yoga is an intrinsic part of our lives and not just a set of physical form of exercises. We strongly believe that Yoga techniques can strongly impact and better our day to day lives.

The institution Arogya Mandir Badlapur has been imparting training of Yoga to common people on large scale for the past several year.

It regularly conducts Yoga and Naturopathy health Camps, classes, courses and residential camps for teaching Yoga and Naturopathy at many places in Badlapur and surroundings and online session all over India and out of India.

On the bases of the widely accepted and recognized principle of the science of education , the institute has devised programs viz. Regular Yoga Class, Power Yoga Class, Weight loss program, Yoga for Diabetes, Hypertension, back pain, Yoga for female disorders, Yoga for Kids.

Adhering to the second basic principle of the science of education, accordingly Arogya Mandir is affiliated to Yashwantrao Open University for DIPLOMA IN YOGA TEACHER and Few courses are as TTC , Teachers training course, Ashtang Yog etc. Along with yoga Arogya Mandir emphasis on Naturopthy knowledge and its treatment for various chronic diseases.

Ever since the establishment of the Arogya Mandir Yoga Naturopathy Institute, Badlapur. The main volunteers clearly had an idea that yoga is not only a type of exercise or study od merely yogasanas. Arogya Mandir teaches asanas of hathyoga, Pranamya, and shudhi kryas , however the same are taught mainly to the curious students who have a limited aim of gaining health and eliminating diseases. Arogya Mandir always try to impart information about all the eight fold Ashtang Yog of Patanjali Yog Darshan.

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The 200 Hr TTC - a basic certificate course- prepares you for teaching Yoga techniques to others. This course equips you to teach healthy individuals.

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Asana Classes

Special classes are an ideal way of Yoga education for daily practice. It is being conducted successfully at The Yoga Institute for over 50 years.

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Corporate Camp

In this borderless world with modern communication skills, world has become very narrow. The products from one country to another, find their way easily.

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Meditation Camp

No other movement in recent years has so fascinated people as the possibility of calming the mind through meditation.

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